About Us


The University of New Mexico Utility Services Department oversees and facilitates utility operating processes across campus to ensure a comfortable and conducive environment for student, staff, faculty, and visitors. Utility Services consists of five focus areas: electricity, heating steam, chilled water, domestic water, and compressed air. The Ford Utilities Center can generate 219,000 pounds of steam per hour, 4,000 tons of chilled water, 14 megawatts of electricity, and enough compressed air to keep the entire campus comfortable.

Utility Services also operates two remote chilled water plants, Lomas Chilled Water Plant and the HSC Chilled Water Plant. These facilities have a combined chilled water capacity of 8,300 tons. The fourth location is the Campus Utility Plant, which can generate 24,000 pounds per hour of steam, and 1,000 tons of chilled water. In addition, the Utilities Services Water Section manages the production and distribution of domestic water to the main campus.